There are several types of self-esteem, but the experts can narrow it down to three main types.  This does not mean that we can label ourselves with only one type of self-esteem.  There may be times when you are feeling great and other times you are feeling more depressed.  The events going on in our lives influence the way we feel.

Inflated Self-Esteem

People with inflated self-esteem think they are better than others. This is a very negative self-esteem because it holds them back from establishing affectionate and healthy relationships. Their competitiveness always shows it ugly face and they always “have to win.” For these people, happiness is found in achieving success, but the reality is that they do not attain happiness with this attitude.

People with inflated self-esteem tend to not listen to others or critique themselves. They are not capable of correcting their own errors and blame others for everything that goes wrong. They tend to undervalue others, adopting hostile behaviors towards them.

High Self-Esteem

People with high self-esteem value and accept themselves. It is a self-esteem that is known to be positive. It allows the person to have confidence and the ability to get through difficult situations.

Believing in yourself and trusting in who you are is what characterizes people who possess high self-esteem. However, this does not make them arrogant, nor do they feel better than anyone else.  These people are usually great communicators and open to other people’s ideas and opinions.

Low Self-Esteem

People who have low self-esteem are the opposite of those with high self-esteem. These people do not value themselves or their abilities.  These insecurities are carried over into almost every aspect of their lives. Fear of failure is something that torments them and holds people with low self-esteem back.

People with low self-esteem have moments when everything is going right for them, but when things start to go bad their self-esteem drops very quickly.  They are sensitive people who are easily influenced by other’s opinions. They have very little trust in themselves and fear that they are unable to measure up.  This holds them back from many opportunities in life.

What type of self-esteem is the most common for you?

It is difficult to escape from inflated or low self-esteem, but if you are among the people who have high self-esteem, even if you occasionally give in to the instability of certain situations, congratulations! You are much closer to achieving happiness and satisfaction in life.