Don't be so hard on yourself

If you guys are like me,  I have to tell myself several times a day that it’s ok to make mistakes.  Life isn’t perfect. No one is perfect.  There are days when I feel I can’t seem to do anything right but that’s ok. 

Here are a few things that I do when I’m feeling discouraged with life.

  • Stop and take a deep breath
  • Close my eyes for a minute and just breathe
  • Think of something that makes me happy. This may be some silly meme I’ve seen recently or a happy memory
  • Self-affirmations- I’ve downloaded an app on my phone that every 2 hours a positive affirmation comes up.  I read it out loud 5 times.
  • I love the smell of lavender and it is very calming. I put a few drops of lavender in a necklace I have so if I feel myself getting anxious I take a minute and inhale the smell of it
  • Sometimes you just have to get up from the situation and walk away. Take a moment for yourself to clear your head