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Thank you for visiting Esteem Skin. Here at Esteem Skin, I would like to stress the idea that “Beauty is more than just skin deep.” Beauty is not determined by your size, gender, the color of your skin, or sexual orientation. Beauty is confidence. A lot of times we struggle with self-value for many different reasons. I hope to help you build your self-esteem through blogs sharing knowledge, stories, and tips. Through my personal experiences, I have learned the importance of self- development. So many people struggle daily with low self-esteem, stress, anxiety & depression. Most of those people feel ashamed of this. Bottom line is, it’s ok not to be ok all the time. With Esteem Skin, I would like to offer a place for people to learn tools and techniques to help with their personal growth.

Positive Affirmations

Self-help books often promote the power of positive affirmations. Everybody has heard of them, but the idea can seem incredibly awkward. Telling yourself how awesome you are can seem strange, but if that’s all you’re doing, there are more effective ways to go about it...

Beauty is more than just Skin Deep

Beauty is more than just Skin Deep

The society we live in has conditioned us to giving so much importance to a way a person looks. Outer beauty is not going to last forever. People get so influenced by external factors – may be an ad for an outfit, a new makeup trend or hair style or just simply peer...

Herbs & Supplements that help with Depression

Herbs & Supplements that help with Depression

Depression is a serious mood disorder with symptoms that range from mild to debilitating and in some cases can be potentially life-threatening. Some people look to manage depression with herbal remedies, rather than with medication a doctor prescribes. Medications and...

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I have always felt like I was not good enough, not thin enough, not smart enough. Join me on my journey to body positivity and self-love.
- Jo


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